FM-INDEX 추가 다국적 연합지휘 체게 통합공문서

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B-1핵재무장 계획

4전투비행단 한반도 핵공격시물레이션

한국군월남전 기록 스트라이커여단야전교범

NWP 22, Doctrine for Amphibious Operations
NWP 22-1, The Amphibious Task Force Plan
NWP 22-2, Supporting Arms in Amphibious Operations
NWP 28, Nuclear Warfare Operations
NWP 28-2, The Nuclear Explosion Environment
NWP 28-3, Vulnerability and Survivability of Navy Systems
NWP 36, Armed Forces Doctrine for Chemical Warfare and Biological Defense (to be renumbered NWP 18)
NWP 36-2, Employment of Chemical Agents (to be renumbered NWP 18-1)
NWP 36-4, Employment of Chemical Agents (to be renumbered NWP 18-2)

Allied Tactical Publications (ATP)

ATP-1 Vol 1, Allied Maritime Tactical Instructions and Procedures
ATP-25, Nuclear Fall-Out Forecasting and Warning Organization
ATP-31, NATO Above Water Warfare Manual
ATP-45, Reporting Nuclear Detonations, Biological and Chemical Attacks

OPNAVINST 53400.10C, Offensive Chemical Warfare and Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Defense
NAVOCEANCOMINST 3140.1, DON Meteorological and Oceanographic Support Manual
SECNAVINST 3403.1, Riot Control Agents and Chemical Herbicides in War (rules governing use) 잠수함안전프로그램관리가이드